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1 You Keep Calling 4:05 Buy now
2 Heart in My Throat 3:11 Free
3 Mr Mole 3:10 Buy now
4 Perjury 4:31 Buy now
5 Sometimes in this Life 4:02 Buy now
6 The Way You Make Me Feel 3:38 Buy now
7 Day by Day 3:41 Buy now
8 Wishing Well 2:39 Buy now
9 Toli Paramese 1:28 Buy now
10 Who I Need (Tonight) 4:01 Buy now
11 Can't Find the Way 2:30 Buy now
12 Paradise 4:28 Buy now

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John Bimbiras- Lead Guitar, Vocals, Flute and Kankles
Dylan Kaminkow - Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals
Allen Branch - Percussion and Backup Vocals

Special thanks to Mike Pope for keyboards on Perjury, The Way You Make Me Feel and Who I Need (Tonight) and for backup vocals on The Way You Make Me Feel. Also, special thanks to Tyler Buisch for percussion on Mr. Mole.

Words and music to The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson. Words and music to Mr. Mole, Perjury and Shake It by John Bimbiras and Dylan Kaminkow. Toli Pamarese is a traditional Lithuanian folk song arranged and performed on kankles by John Bimbiras. Words and music to all other songs by John Bimbiras.

Producer and engineer - Mike Pope
Executive Producer - Al Bimbiras

Day by Day

Heartin my throat